..::: a webring for perky and/or glitter goths :::..

..::: Webring Guidelines :::..
I will only accept sites that follow the following guidelines:
    ::: Thou shall be a perky and/or glitter goth! I do not want any mopeys being part of this webring!
    ::: I will not accept sites that contain hateful, homophobic, pornographic, or degrading and/or hurtful things.
    ::: You must have the graphic and html fragment on your site.  And on their correctly.

Still want to join?  Then, read on, my lovely glittery!

..::: What do I do to join? :::..
::: Submit yourself to the webring
::: Chose a graphic, save it to your computer and put it on your website.  Please do not be a bandwidth stealer.  Be sure to put the correct site id in the HTML.  The graphics can be found below
::: Wait ever so  patiently, until I add you to the ring.. :)

...::: The Graphics :::..

Remember, to save the graphic you choose to your computer and add the correct site id.

The finished result should look like this.  Please look at this webpage's source to get the correct HTML

* < * ? * join * # * > *

..::: Here are some helpful links :::...
:::: Submit your site
::: Members
::: Edit Site Info

Any questions?  Feel free to e-mail me at:  ansuza@inwave.com